3 Emerging Trends in EdTech

Technology has influenced almost every facet of society, especially the education industry, and with COVID-19, the EdTech world has been forced to up its game.

Education in technology has continued to be a crucial aspect in schools since the very beginning of the worldwide pandemic. Schools everywhere have had to adapt their schedules, curriculum, and even they ways in which they teach. With this new way of learning becoming increasingly more popular, it seems EdTech is going nowhere soon.

Accessibility to Education

Most people will agree that schools and districts were unprepared for the large-scale shift in education that the pandemic undoubtedly caused. While a lot of schools had already implemented e-learning within their classrooms, that switch without any sort of transitionary period was traumatic for everyone involved.

However, through the pandemic and moving forward, teachers have learnt new techniques and strategies that students can benefit from. Making education accessible is now a priority for for schools, and EdTech companies alike. Education’s accessibility is a problem that has existed for quite some time, even before the global pandemic began.

Research suggests that when technology is effectively implemented in the classroom it may help to bridge both educational and social gaps. Now more than ever, technology can be used for transformative instruction and can have a lasting, and real impact on how students think, learn, communicate, and connect with the world.

Here at Lyrics2Learn (L2L), we have made it a priority for students to have access to our science-based reading program. For students, we have developed a mobile app that can be used on any mobile device. We have also made teaching with L2L easier on parents and teachers alike. Automatic weekly reports, the ability to send students their login information, and real-time student use reporting are just a few of the improvements that we have made to make learning more accessible for everyone. Which brings us to the next emerging trend in EdTech.

Data-Driven Insights and Reporting

Recent distance learning has forced students to not only learn from within their homes, but also complete homework and take tests from home. The lack of teacher oversight can create stress for both the student and the teacher. Here’s where EdTech has the ability to swoop in and assist all parties involved and solve this problem.

Online programs and mobile apps can allow teachers to administer tests and generate immediate results. This real-time reporting combined with automated technology such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) allows the teacher to closely monitor student progress, or lack thereof, effectively.

Lyrics2Learn offers real-time progress reporting and immediate online support for all users. Our daily embedded assessments provide instantaneous evidence of student progress and skill mastery. In addition to our real-time reporting for teachers, our new remote features allow teachers to automate the communication of results and progress to administrators, parents, and interventionists.

Engaging, Game-Based Curricula

Now more than ever, schools are more frequently adopting game-based curricula as a means for engaging their students in a creative way.

Gamification is a learning strategy that involves using games and rewards to teach students–it’s not a new concept by any means, and it comes with both advocates and critics.

Some educators believe that games and rewards, when used correctly, can tap into a child’s intrinsic motivation to learn, the benefits of which could have a profound, lasting effect.

Lyrics2Learn’s scaffolded lessons incorporate a structure similar to a game-based curricula. Our program offers fun and engaging fluency videos for students to sing along or read along with, after which they have the opportunity to earn awards and achievements by completing their lesson quizzes.

To hear more about Lyrics2Learn and what we are doing to beat the curve in the EdTech world, email us at admin@lyrics2learn.com.

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