What’s Coming to Lyrics2Learn

We’re always adding new features and improvements to help you– the teacher, get the most out of our reading program.

Lyrics2Learn–beta program in the works!

Here at Lyrics2Learn (L2L), our number ONE mission is to get every child reading at grade level. How do we accomplish this? Through fun, engaging, and science-based lessons that fuse music with reading to get kids excited to learn. With that, we are excited to announce that we are in the process of building an addition to the Lyrics2Learn curriculum…

Lyrics2Learn Phonemic Awareness

Our new program will use a music-based, multi-sensory methodology to help students develop phoneme-grapheme correspondence familiarity prior to adaptive, evaluative skill practice. Okay, but what does all of that mean?

Lyrics2Learn Phonemic Awareness (L2L PA) will implement music (similar to our current program for K-5th) to target phoneme-grapheme relationships. The new program is catered towards Pre-K through first-grade students, and will build the foundation needed to get them reading proficiently by the end of the third-grade. Our lessons will begin with a video that will incorporate music, rhythm, rhyme, repetition, animation, and movement to facilitate authentic student interaction and retention of phonetic concepts. Following each learning video students will have the opportunity to apply skills in an adaptive and scaffolded manner, with each lesson building off the last.

The motivation behind L2L PA

Each year, 5.2 million kids attend public kindergarten or preschool, only 35% of those children will read proficiently by the end of third-grade. There is a huge need for science-based supplements that allow students greater accessibility, engagement, and affordability.

Since 1992, our Nation’s Report Card (NAEP) has indicated minimal improvement in reading. Nationwide, only 35% of our fourth-grade students read at a proficient level. This disparity is even more evident among minorities and those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged.

To address this issue, conclusive research exists in support of what students must master to become successful readers. The areas of reading crucial to a child’s success include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Of those five areas, phonemic awareness is the single strongest indicator for a child’s reading success. Strong phonemic awareness helps children increase their abilities to decode and understand what they are reading. Which brings us back to Lyrics2Learn Phonemic Awareness.

By giving children repeated interaction with engaging, phoneme targeted stories and songs, we can develop proper background knowledge to more successfully learn and apply phoneme/grapheme correspondence and facilitate orthographic mapping.

The power of music

Music provokes and associates positive emotion to make repetition fun. Music also allows for diversity in genre and fosters high retention and recall. The world of education has not yet realized music’s potential to aid young learners and reduce the achievement gap that has not changed for over 30 years. Lyrics2Learn Phonemic Awareness will harness music’s potential to support teachers with the challenge of developing phonemic awareness for every Pre-K through first-grade child.

To hear more about the power of music in education, check out our other post where we dive into music and its potential.

To learn more about Lyrics2Learn Phonemic Awareness or to become a beta-tester, please reach out to us via email at admin@lyrics2learn.com.

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