4 Ways to use Lyrics2Learn to Engage Young Readers

Picture this:

You are a second grade teacher and you spent hours planning out your lessons and you’re pretty sure you nailed it. You get to class the next day and you begin reading rotations, there’s one problem though– your students look bored and completely checked out, your worst nightmare.

It’s no secret that students who are engaged and actively participating in class are more successful and perform better than those who are not.

In order for meaningful learning to occur, engagement needs to be cultivated. Providing students with an opportunity to engage in exciting, diverse, and culturally-relevant learning experiences will have a lasting impact. So here’s the question, how exactly do you keep your students engaged and motivated to learn?

Through music!

Music is used to enhance peoples’ connection to words, language, and messaging in every aspect of society. Music is a tool that can be used to help kids feel what they read and develop text-to-world connections. Not only does music generate excitement, but it allows students to interact with text, retain, and apply information more effectively. 

Lyrics2Learn is a comprehensive reading tool that is both science-based and proven by research. Our scaffolded, music-based lessons are standards-aligned and are sure to get your students singing, rapping, and dancing around the classroom. All Lyrics2Learn lessons were designed with one mission in mind, to get every child reading at or above grade level. There are many different ways to use Lyrics2Learn with your students, but here are some of our favorites.

Let your students use Lyrics2Learn independently as a reading center

Independent work time is an essential component of a balanced literacy program. There is evidence that independent reading can improve academic performance, increase a student’s motivation and confidence, as well as develop awareness of their limitations and their ability to manage and overcome those limitations. Literacy centers, or reading centers are designed to provide students with an opportunity to work either independently, or collaboratively.

Lyrics2Learn makes it easy for students to access their lessons and work independently. Students have their own dashboard to view their progress and complete assignments. Our systematic lesson progression will help students build reading fluency and background knowledge and apply what they’ve learned through leveled, interactive quizzes.

Use Lyrics2Learn as a whole group activity for the entire class

Properly structured whole group activities and projects can reinforce skills that are relevant to both group and individual work. Group work can also be an effective method to motivate and engage students, encourage active learning, and develop communication and decision-making skills.

Completing lessons and activities together as a class is a fun and effective way to help your students become fluent readers. Each of our lessons begins with a fluency video set to music– and trust me when I say that our videos come in all different types of music genres. Your students can rap, sing, wiggle and dance, or even read along quietly to themselves, but participation is the key. You then have the option to complete the quiz together as a class, or you can print out the worksheets and have students complete them on their own.

Use Lyrics2Learn for small group intervention sessions

Small-group reading intervention is an effective and research-based strategy that can address the literacy needs of your students. Increased peer interaction and the ability to learn content at a comfortable pace and level are only a couple of the benefits in small group instruction.

Completing lessons in smaller groups can be beneficial to students who are struggling or lacking the confidence to read out loud in a whole group setting. Lyrics2Learn’s lesson reporting features makes it easy for teachers to see where students may need a little extra support.

Assign Lyrics2Learn for daily reading homework

Our scaffolded lessons are broken down into four lesson days. Days 1 through 3 each consist of a fluency video (set to music!) and one short quiz, and day 4 is an optional, critical thinking exercise. Each lesson day takes only 15 minutes to complete from start to finish–that’s only 45 minutes per week to become a fluent reader!

Our day 1 lesson begins with the fluency video read along which we suggest students read along with three times before moving on to the quiz. The choral, repeated reading strategy allows students to build fluency and background knowledge. The day 1 quiz includes Depth of Knowledge (D.O.K.) 1 literal concepts such as citing details, sequencing and following multi-step directions.

Day 2 and 3 also includes the same fluency video from day 1 (practice makes perfect!). The day 2 quiz includes D.O.K. 2 standards such as inference and paraphrasing as well as concepts like main idea, vocabulary, and compare and contrast. Finally, day 3 covers D.O.K 2 and 3 complex concepts such as identifying significant events, figurative language, and character traits.

How do you engage your students in the classroom? Tell us in the comments what your favorite strategies for student engagement are, we’d love to hear!

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